Experienced, Personal Mobile Health Consulting

About Us

  We are a mobile health consulting firm specializing in the development, management, and sustainability of mobile health programs. We work with corporate and nonprofit partners to ensure that their journey into mobile health have the greatest results and impact. In our approach, we research and scope the need for a mobile health program, help conceptualize the appropriate program, manage the purchase of mobile health assets, and accurately evaluate long-term program success and sustainability. Our efforts afford our partners the opportunity assess and operationalize the opportunities within mobile health on their organization in a structured and cost-effective manner. 

Our Services

Mobile Health Needs Assessment

With this service, we help organizations determine if mobile health is right for them, or whether they are better served with investing elsewhere. 

Mobile Clinic Construction Management

This services provides partners with a step-by-step process for acquiring the highest quality mobile clinic at the industry's best price in the most favorable timeline possible.

Mobile Health Program Development & Valuation

Through this consulting service we assist partners in identifying tangible and intangible mobile health assets that are critical to positive patient outcomes and the long-term sustainability of their mobile clinic program.


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