Mobile Health Program Needs Assessment

Mobile Health Needs Assessment

Mobile health clinics and mobile health programs are not for everyone. While they provide added capacity and flexibility at the fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar alternatives, they are complicated to oversee, manage, and maintain. To help that those new to mobile health, (and those stuck in a bad mobile health program) systematically evaluate those complexities, we offer our Mobile Health Needs Assessment. With this service, we help organizations determine if mobile health is right for them, or whether they are better served with investing elsewhere. With this service, we help organizations determine if mobile health is right for them, or whether they are better served with investing elsewhere. If it is determined that a mobile health program would benefit their organization, then we assist partners in conceptualizing and planning a model that addresses their needs and maximizes their investment.  

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Mobile Clinic Construction Management

Purchasing a mobile clinic can be one of the most challenging tasks given to a practice administrator, program manager, or procurement specialist. The process is somewhere between constructing a new facility and buying a car. Complicating the situation is the unfamiliarity with the laws and regulations that govern their operation, including potential scope of practice limitations posed by a significantly reduced clinic layout. We address these issues, and more, with our Mobile Clinic Construction Management service. The service does not only provide partners with a step-by-step process for acquiring a mobile clinic, but because of our existing relationships with the top clinic manufacturers around the world, ensures that they are receiving the best pricing possible. Most importantly, however, is that this service affords our partners to focus on what they do best: caring for their community. 

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Mobile Health Program Development & Valuation

If your organization is currently looking to establish a mobile health program, then you may be wondering where to turn to for information on the most effective and efficient way to it.  It could be that you are trying to justify the program for investment internally, or for development of a fundraising case of support. To some, this as easy as running a patient revenue report in their accounting system and forwarding that to their budget officer. However, for most, the process is not easy, and a challenging one to navigate. As a result, we created the Mobile Health Program Development & Valuation service to assist partners in understanding their mobile health needs and in identifying the tangible and intangible assets that would make a program successful. The resulting information can be used to develop a strategic business case, adjusting existing budget allocations, and maintaining your organization’s leadership informed about the program’s strategic benefits.